Slide Work and Safety WORK & SAFETY Lots of or survivors tell us they left work because
they felt embarrassed or were unable to function
because of the abuse that they were experiencing.

Your ability to live free form abuse and thrive in work
is important. LDAS can support you with this.

Our survivors have told us work was a place of safety

but they felt they could not speak to their employers or colleagues about what was happening.

Some workplaces have schemes to support employees who may be living with abuse.

LDAS can support you if want to speak to your employer. We can support you to continue to work in a manner that keeps you as safe as possible. Please contact us for support.

We have also put together a helpful download that you can print off, fill in and refer back to at any point.

Workplace Policies & Procedures

Your employer may have a policy in place to support employees that are experiencing abuse and need support in work. Check your policies and procedures for any such document as this may help you feel more confident if you wish to discuss this with our employer.

LDAS Support

LDAS are happy to support you to approach your employer if this is something that you would prefer. You are not alone and we are here to support you with this or in developing a plan to make sure your time in work is as safe as it can be.

LDAS support.

our services are delivered by qualified and experienced staff who are experts in domestic abuse.

The approach to how we deliver our support is reviewed by survivors who tell us what works and what doesn’t. This ensures we deliver the best possible support to survivors in way that suits their needs.

Click on the links below for more information.

one to one support

Your dedicated support worker will listen to you and help create a safety and support plan and provide external advocacy to get you to where to you need to be to live a life free from abuse.


Your counsellor will work with you on weekly or fortnightly basis (dependent on you needs) this is usually for an hour. They can help you recover from the trauma you have endured.

group programmes

Our programmes provide a supportive environment which allow you to share and recover from your experiences whilst developing further understanding of your experiences.


Your dedicated Bridge Mentor will work with you at your pace. They are able support you to navigate what can often seem like complex systems to ensure you live in safe home and look forward to a happy future.

"People in work knew something was wrong but I was so ashamed, I thought I would lose my job. LDAS worked with me and my employer has been fantastic. I would never have guessed there was a way to manage this or that I would be so safe and supported."

we're here for you.

get support today.