Slide Stalking STALKING Stalking is a pattern of repeated,
unwanted behaviour that causes you
to feel distressed or scared.

It is a psychological and a physical crime.

Stalking often has a huge emotional impact on those it affects.

It can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

Stalking can happen with or without a fear of violence. This means that if you are receiving persistent unwanted contact that is causing you distress, but the person has never threatened you, this is still stalking and is not acceptable.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust is a leading national charity that works with those impacted by stalking.  They define this as
‘A pattern of fixated and obsessive behaviour which is repeated, persistent, intrusive and causes fear of violence or engenders alarm and distress in the victim.’

Here are some examples of stalking:

Making malicious communication

Sending unwanted cards, notes, gifts or flowers

Damaging property

Following you and monitoring your movements

some of our survivors have told us ‘I couldn’t put my finger on it’.

It can also be clear that you are being stalked, you know and you see but sometimes are just not heard. 

LDAS have qualified stalking professionals who can support you, please contact us for support.

LDAS support.

our services are delivered by qualified and experienced staff who are experts in domestic abuse.

The approach to how we deliver our support is reviewed by survivors who tell us what works and what doesn’t. This ensures we deliver the best possible support to survivors in way that suits their needs.

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one to one support

Your dedicated support worker will listen to you and help create a safety and support plan and provide external advocacy to get you to where to you need to be to live a life free from abuse.


Your counsellor will work with you on weekly or fortnightly basis (dependent on you needs) this is usually for an hour. They can help you recover from the trauma you have endured.

group programmes

Our programmes provide a supportive environment which allow you to share and recover from your experiences whilst developing further understanding of your experiences.


Your dedicated Bridge Mentor will work with you at your pace. They are able support you to navigate what can often seem like complex systems to ensure you live in safe home and look forward to a happy future.

“ There seemed no escape. I felt like I was so alone.
I left my job because he would call all the time, I stopped going out, I knew it was him damaging my car all the time but there was no ‘proof’...”

we're here for you.

get support today.