Slide Safety during a domestic violent incident SAFETY AT HOME &
You will have developed over time your own
measures to keep yourself safe during an incident.
You understand your risk better than anyone.

We may be able to support you further. We can support
you to safely exit the relationship also.

home is where we should feel the most secure.

at LDAS we can support you to make you feel as safe as possible.

There are measures that can be considered to improve the safety of your home.  Many registered social landlords can provide support with practical measures as well as other professionals Fire and Rescue. 

Your gut feeling and intuition means there are times you area able to read if a situations is escalating. There may some areas LDAS can further help and offer support to increase safety during the onset of an incident. 

stay safe.

LDAS know that when you leave an abusive relationship you can feel alone and unsure about the future. We at LDAS are here to support you as you recover from the abuse and that you stay safe as you do.

You can download the advice sheet and put somewhere safe so you can use this as and when you may need. You can also contact us for support.

LDAS support.

our services are delivered by qualified and experienced staff who are experts in domestic abuse.

The approach to how we deliver our support is reviewed by survivors who tell us what works and what doesn’t. This ensures we deliver the best possible support to survivors in way that suits their needs.

Click on the links below for more information.

one to one support

Your dedicated support worker will listen to you and help create a safety and support plan and provide external advocacy to get you to where to you need to be to live a life free from abuse.


Your counsellor will work with you on weekly or fortnightly basis (dependent on you needs) this is usually for an hour. They can help you recover from the trauma you have endured.

group programmes

Our programmes provide a supportive environment which allow you to share and recover from your experiences whilst developing further understanding of your experiences.


Your dedicated Bridge Mentor will work with you at your pace. They are able support you to navigate what can often seem like complex systems to ensure you live in safe home and look forward to a happy future.

next steps project

Your support worker will help you to develop and build on your skills allowing you to plan for your future in learning, development or employment.

enterprise hub

Enterprise Hub offers high quality enterprise services and strategic engagement to ensure local residents can access support to assess their ideas and take them forward.

"When I contacted LDAS, I didn’t really understand what was happening in my life. At the time I was not in place emotionally or financially where I wanted to leave. The information provided by LDAS helped save my life..."

we're here for you.

get support today.