Slide LDAS Bridge Project BRIDGE Bridge Project’ (BP) is a new project
funded by Comic Relief KFC foundation set up
to help women aged 16 -25 who need support

at Bridge we work with female survivors

and help them achieve
a safe and secure future.

We work with female survivors of abuse aged 16-25 who have faced additional barriers that may have prevented them seeking support which may have left this young person living in a space that is not safe or secure leaving them facing risk of abuse and feeling hopeless about the future.

Often young people who have experienced the care system, had a child at a young age or have faced homelessness as a child suffer additional disadvantage and have been unable to receive specialist holistic support from a single service who can dedicate time to meet their specific needs.

The project workers are completely user led and listen to the voice of those needing support to ensure the best outcome and service delivery. We at Bridge are driven by your needs.

We will work with a young person to:

Reduce risk of harm

Build a secure and happy future

Secure a safe home

The Bridge Project will provide one to one support, guidance and skill building to help build a bridge to a better future.

Our young people can live safe happy secure lives with better prospects for their futures with support from the Bridge. What’s included:

one to one support

individual plan

improve their confidence and self-esteem

access education and training

tenancy sustainment

group work

skill building

manage money

apply for employment

for self-referrals for support.

Please use our self-referral form by clicking the button below, or contact us on 0151 263 7474

For professionals – please use the referral portal and select the Bridge Project for your referral.

other helpful services.

to support you.

Our services have been designed to meet the needs of all survivors and with an appreciation of one size may not fit all.

At LDAS the experiences of those we support matter. If it doesn’t work, we change it and if it works then don’t reinvent the wheel. Our survivor panel help us to gather feedback and to develop what we deliver so the support offered is the best it can be.

one to one support

Your dedicated support worker will listen to you and help create a safety and support plan and provide external advocacy to get you to where to you need to be to live a life free from abuse.


Your counsellor will work with you on weekly or fortnightly basis (dependent on you needs) this is usually for an hour. They can help you recover from the trauma you have endured.

group programmes

Our programmes provide a supportive environment which allow you to share and recover from your experiences whilst developing further understanding of your experiences.

we're here for you.

get support today.