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Survivor Story: Caitlin

Caitlin self-referred for support stating she couldn’t think straight and felt she couldn’t take any.

She explained she had ended her eight-year relationship with her ex-partner some four months previous. They had two children aged 6 and 3 years and her ex-partner had continued to access the children since they separated. She explained they had lived in a house together and he was now living with his mother. During the relationship there had been lots of abuse including physical, sexual, financial and emotional. Caitlin explained assaults were a regular occurrence with pushing and slapping more frequent. She told LDAS she felt the worst element of her experience was that she couldn’t see any family or friends, only his. Her mother had yet to meet her youngest child. She also explained that he decided what she could eat and if he wasn’t happy then she would go without. She explained he never assaulted her in front of the children

The final incident that led to her relationship ending was when her neighbour called the police, it was not the first time. She stated she could not tell police what had happened and was terrified. Her ex was removed from the house, but no charges were made. It was at this time she spoke with her ex-partner’s mother and told her that if he came back, she would report him to the police. She explained feeling terrified of this decision and was surprised when he did not return to the family home. However, whilst he may not live at the address he would turn up, banging to see the children drunk and cause a scene. Scared the neighbours may call the police and the children were becoming more upset she would let him in. During these occasions he would sometimes assault Caitlin, he continually told her she was a bad mother. Caitlin explained she had a case worker from social services following the most recent police callout. She explained she was terrified to share fully what was happening as they may remove the children and did not know who to turn to as her child had stated they had seen their father throw a bowl at their grandmother whilst visiting the address.

LDAS completed a risk assessment and Caitlin scored high. She was referred to MARAC during which LDAS later represented her. Children’s services were contacted, and a safety and support plan was established. It was identified upon speaking with careline that Caitlin had an EHAT in place and careline explained the information would be sent to the case holder. LDAS linked with the family link worker and updated accordingly.

LDAS discussed continued child access, linked Caitlin with a solicitor and supported a legal aid application, discussed refuge and home security and completed an application to make the home more secure. It was when gaining consent for home security that excessive rent arrears and bills in Caitlin’s name for damage to the property were identified. Caitlin had explained she rarely had money and all the bills she assumed were paid by her ex-partner. Her current and previous circumstances were outlined, and support offered. A home security assessment was also completed with support from Merseyside Fire and Rescue. LDAS discussed linking in with services for the children which was consented to and LDAS contacted the school.

After two months of support, Caitlin decided she wanted to report to the Police. The police were extremely supportive and LDAS supported Caitlin with her statement. Her ex-partner has now been arrested for the offences of Section 47 Assault and Coercive and Controlling behaviour after a long period of being out of the city.

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